May 31,2009


Dear friends -  this is to let you know that we are back safely to Vinnytsia, and as soon as we find time to get some sleep all will be well.   We came back via Air France, and they had a deal that allowed us to stop over in Paris on our way to Kiev for no extra cost.   So we did.... and learned that if you are willing to wait in line for a while at Roland Garros they will let you buy great seats in the evening for really cheap that other people paid big bucks for in the morning but who then did not stay all day.   So we got to see Andy Murray play   (he won)  and walk around and enjoy the ambiance.  Also had a lovely dinner in a small French cafe, and a tour of Notre Dame and a walk along the Seine.   Now we just need to figure out how we can ever find time to go back and see all we did not have time for!      

We had a wonderful time back home.   Our children and grandchildren took very good care of us and it was a lot of fun.   It was also good to see Fremont again - and we were sorry we didn't have a chance to visit more.   But this next 12 months will go quickly - our children are all making plans for next summer at the lake, and have warned us that they all intend to move in for at least a month to catch up with all they missed this year.   So we will try to rest up before we come home again, but in the meantime it is back to work....     thanks for everything!     

 Don and Karen



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